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All BDCDR projects are uploaded to my website and available for downloading. Click on the Title for each project to open the specific page. BigDork.org does take donations to keep this site open... just in case you didn't notice before.      Questions - email: bigdork @ bigdork.org (no spaces)

BDCDR009 2011 Negative Fruit Jesus, Velvet Elvis and Me - Dennis Rich YES
BDCDR008 2010 Negative Fruit Ten Years Gone - fan tribute to Gene Eugene YES
BDCDR007 2006 Negative Fruit To Cover You - fan tribute to The Choir YES
BDCDR006 2006 Negative Fruit Ruff Mix - fan tribute to The Lost Dogs YES
BDCDR005 2004 Negative Fruit For Lyrics, Send $2 and a S.A.S.E. to...  77s tribute YES
BDCDR5.1 2006 Negative Fruit/Rich Dennis Rich 1973 YES
BDCDR004 2003 BigDork More Negative Fruit - fan tribute DA, Dogs, TST YES
BDCDR3.1 2002 BigDork/Rich Dennis Rich - Worship YES
BDCDR003 2002 BigDork Lost Dogs Live at Cooper'sTown (2002) YES
BDCDR2.1 Carl Simmons Not A Pretty Picture - Cosmic Bud and the Librarians YES
BDCDR002 2002 BigDork DAmb Fan Album - damb it - fan tribute DA, Dogs, TST YES
BDCRD001 2001-03 BigDork Lost Dogs Live in Phoenix (1999 with Gene) YES



















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