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B D Blu-ray

I make my Blu-ray discs available to anyone who would like to have one. That way you don't have to be a trader to get one of these great shows. Not everyone has something to trade. I usually make a run of discs for a particular show and then send them out to people who want to donate to BigDork.org for future projects. It doesn't matter how much you donate as long as you donate something (email me if you just can't send anything and I'll send you a disc if they are available).

It costs me about $12 per Disc for Materials, Printing, Shipping etc... You can donate more, or you can donate less, it's up to you.

Send me an email and I will send you my paypal information.

Questions - email: bigdork @ bigdork.org (no spaces)


bd 005 2015 BigDork/Negative Fruit Misery Loves Company Tour 5
bd 004 2014 BigDork/Negative Fruit Live From BD's House 5
bd 003 2012 BigDork/Negative Fruit The Choir/Kerosen Halo, Phoenix, AZ October 21, 2013 2
bd 002 2012 BigDork/Negative Fruit Michael Roe, Torrance, CA ~ Sept. 6, 2009 0
bd 001 2012 BigDork/Negative Fruit Daniel Amos, 2011 Summer Road Tour, Phoenix, AZ 0



















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