Mike and Terry's

Back Yard Barbeque Bash 08/03/03

Saint Paul Minnesota



Introduction – Joe Cote

Certain Love

A Vegas Story

If You Loved Here

Come Down Here

All Day Sing and Dinner on the Ground

Good Bread Good Meat Good God Lets Eat

Happy Campers

In the Distance

Wild Ride

Honeysuckle Breeze

Deeper in the Heart

Moses in the Desert

River of Sorrow

Boogie Woogie/Dust on the Bible

Hawaiian Love Song….Banter

Bad Indigestion

Three Legged Dog

Why is the Devil Red

  - encore-

Breathe Deep (with the “band”)

Crushing Hand



Artwork for Live CDs courtesy of Jiminy. There are two Word docs and two .ncd files – they work with Nero Express for the discs themselves. If you don't have Nero, than they probably wont work for you. I didn't have time to do anything yet, and JimiNy wanted to help out. Thanks Jim!

Artwork Download


More Photos Courtesy of:

Commander Cote all photos starting with DSC00

Slappedhard all photos starting with FELLO~

JimInY and BigDork all other photos (they are all mixed up )