Don't Cry ~ Fred Martin 

This song was in my internal playlist around the time the Gene died. I remember driving to his funeral and playing it over and over as a sort of dam against tears. When I first saw that dark giant, Mike Knott, sobbing and shaking I lost it and didn't recover until we drove to the graveside. There, Crystal Lewis changed it all. The song she sang - oh if I could only remember it - drove hope into the crowd, and we all went home alive.

Donít cry.

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Don't Cry

from the album "Perfecta"

Hey low
It's time to go
It's time to say, say goodbye
Don't cry

It's wide and deep
And fast asleep
And now we say, say goodbye
Don't cry

And if you could go,
You would I know
And if I could stay...
Don't cry (hey)


© adam again / gene eugene 1995 chenka chenka music ASCAP ~ perfecta