Hide Away ~ Fluid Imbibers

Jason Hoffman, amateur musician, father of six and husband of one, records in his subterranean studio (Aardvark Lounge) under the name of Fluid Imbibers, the name for what was once a recording duo but has now atrophied down to just himself and whatever imaginary friends are hanging around that day.  Due to Facebook he is now comfortable with writing about himself in the third person and chose "Hide Away" because it's one of the many lonely songs he used to help him learn to play the accordion, an instrument once used by the Pied-Piper's cousin Leroy to clear all the rats from a local coffee house.

Now switching to first person - please be careful of whiplash.

Originally I was going to take the song much bigger, keeping true to my usual "everything including a double kitchen sink" method which helps me hide my slopping technique behind mountains of sound.  However after putting down a bevy of distorted and flanged and wah-wah guitars and transcribing the cello solo to be played by an ocarina band of thousands a rare thing happened: good taste prevailed.  Since I have been playing this song for a decade with just one accordion and one set of vocal cords this trumped up version sounded, er, trumped up.  It's a vulnerable song so I decided to strip it back to the bare minimum. 

Jason Hoffman

click here to download Hide Away - Fluid Imbibers
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Hide Away

from the album "Homeboys"

(Adam Again / Steve Hindalong)

Do you hide away because I just won't feel you?
Darlin' I'm touching you now
I just don't know how to be near you
Baby, come close

Summer is Winter
Flowers wither, stars fade
When you hide away
When you hide your eyes, love
Skies above become grey
When you turn away
When you hide away

What is this?
A season of bliss, betrayal and sorrow
Darlin' I'm holding on tight
Save us tonight, love me tomorrow
Angel, don't hide

adam again / steve hindalong 1990 chenka chenka music ASCAP