Happily Married Man

2002 - The Damb Fan Album (dambit)

As performed by Rev. J.T. Tucker III & Aunt Betty

(Monty (LK-9) and Janelle Stewart)

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
Cowboy Billy McBride and the Ghost Writers
1978 Twitchen Vibes Music

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PLAY - Happily Married Man

Song Information: We recorded "Happily Married Man" digitally in a room at our church. Caitlyn Turner is playing guitar. The track was then taken to a private studio where Mark Milazzo added all of the extra effects. The "Yankee Washboard" that you hear is really an old hotel key scraping the side of a spiral notebook. Mark also joins in on the chorus. Unlike the relationship that J.T. and Betty have, my wife Janelle is my best friend and I truly am a "Happily Married Man."

Monty Stewart